Mike Nassar

In my own personal journeys and in my life as a tattoo artist, I have always found comfort near the ocean, in or on its waters and around its harbours. The same can be said for the tattoo industry, in and of itself, always finding a type of brethren, a safe place, a kind of family if you may. While being an artist for more than half of my life, I have gained so much knowledge in life and inspiration in my art work from my travels.

However, travelling isn’t always possible when everyday life takes hold. Nonetheless I have always found myself close to the oceans on its beaches or near one of its harbours. It seems there the travels, the knowledge, the inspirations come to me. Over the years I’ve met tens of thousands of people from every corner of the world, and had the pleasure of tattooing everything imaginable on them and sending them off with a souvenir from a journey they will not soon forget. In a sense sending a small part of me with them to see more places and meet more people, hopefully to one day come across some of those new people, in a different port of call to exchange stories and leave them with yet another souvenir to send off.